This postcard is not of the Christmas nativity scene. It is in fact an awareness campaign starring people who live or have lived on the streets of Barcelona. Although Christmas is over, winter isn’t. We have to look beyond the thermometer and work towards the common goal of all people having the right to affordable housing. Will you help?

In Barcelona, ​​1,200 people live on the street. Every day of the year they are exposed to health problems, fears, aggression and repeated violations of rights. Now, Christmas may be gone but winter has very much stayed and the cold is one of many risks for homeless people. “When the temperature drops below 0ºC, there is a danger of vital risk because you can die,” explains Daniel Roca, family doctor at the Raval Sur primary care centre and the CAS Baluard.

Every year, when the temperature drops to 5ºC, the Barcelona City Council activates Operation Cold and opens 75 night spots. When the temperature reaches 0 ° C, the alert phase is activated and additional spaces are opened. This year there will be 325 places, only enough to cover one third of the homeless population of the city.

Mireia, Cornelius, Davide, Anna Maria and Jaume know all too well what it is to sleep in the street. They have starred in the #Christmasisover campaign in order to raise awareness of the problems of living on the street. At Arrels, we do not tire of repeating that living on the street is dangerous every day of the year and offering temporary shelters for the colder months does not solve the problem. We must look beyond the thermometer and find definitive solutions to homelessness by dedicating ourselves to the prevention of homelessness so that all people have the right to affordable housing.


You can help create a winter of #noonesleepingonthestreet

The number of people we serve in Arrels does not stop growing and the challenges are getting bigger because the number of people living on the street in Barcelona increases and it is very difficult to find affordable housing. “The situation is far from improving. The administrations still do not do their homework and, for the moment, there is no change from the government that makes us think that the situation will not improve” says the director of Arrels, Ferran Busquets.

We need support to continue providing decent and stable accommodation that allows people to regain their autonomy and confidence. Although Christmas is gone, the best gift is a winter of #nobodysleepingonthestreet. Will you help?

This postcard is starring people who live or have lived on the street and it has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the c14torce agency and the BLUR production company.

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